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Dennis & Rita Delozier

2014 Farm Family of the Year


In 1933 Wayne Schulze‘s parents settled on their property in northwestern Mayes County where he and Joyce now live. His parents rented 90 acres back then and ended up buying the property and added additional 120 acres with an additional 80 acres added in 1952. Wayne was born on the property and has lived there for 73 years (minus two years of service in the US army). Joyce and Wayne Schulze were married in 1965 and by themselves built their house within a stone throws away of Wayne‘s parents. Wayne and Joyce have been active members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church west of Adair. During Wayne‘s membership there he has served in many different offices. Recently, as a gift from his daughter, Anita, he was able to take a trip of a lifetime to visit the Holy Land and experience Israel. Faith and family have strengthened, as well as guided, Wayne and Joyce to farm and raise cattle on this land for so many years, land that has been an integral part of many generations. In 1974 they decided to quit dirt farming and went strictly raising cattle. He and his father farmed and raised cattle together until his father‘s passing in 1999. Wayne and Joyce work hard to maintain about 90 to 100 Angus mamma cows utilizing both a spring and fall set of calving seasons. Wayne usually bales from 450-550 large bales each summer with about half of those bales stored in a barn to later feed the cattle in the winter months. By storing the bales in the barn, Wayne believes this allows allows for more flexibility and security in the ups and downs of the cattle business. Also to allow for more the flexibility, Wayne and Joyce lease 58 acres of their land to Wayne‘s cousin for the source of grain in which he uses to grind and mix as feed for his calves. Wayne usually preconditions his calves before selling them at around 600 to 800 lbs. To protect from and prepare for drought Wayne and Joyce have utilized many aspects of their property. For instance, to enhance their stewardship of the land, they have removed several of the large timbers in their creek bottom and have utilized the money raised from the logging to enhance and enrich the waterways and ponds around the farm.

Wayne and Joyce, like many people in farming, also worked several different jobs outside of the farm. Joyce worked a Home Interior salesperson for 30 years, while Wayne worked on the Port 9

of Catoosa as a boat operator spoil foreman, helping dredge the waterway for the passage of barges. During his time on the farm, Wayne also spent the better part of 12 years as a part-time carpenter. It is here on their farm where they have raised four daughters and have six grandchildren whom have enjoyed various activities on the farm. Wayne‘s daughter Alisa Cannady and husband Travis decide to continue to live on the acreage. and built their house on adjoining property. In 2010 Alisa and her husband Travis had the opportunity to rent a parcel of land that was farmed and ranched by Wayne‘s cousin. Together they have formed a partnership with Wayne serving as a mentor or ―tormenter‖ to his daughter and son-in-law. With the addition of their properties Wayne, Joyce, Alisa, and Travis operate on about 725 owned and rented acres.


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